Roller compaction

Roller compaction (dry granulation) is inherently a continuous technology as the active pharmaceutical ingredient, along with excipients, is fed into the compactor at the top of it and after a compaction and grinding step the granules can be continuously taken away at the bottom of it. The particles, usually with low particle size, are adhering to each other (forming larger particles) due to the compaction generated by two rolls. The main goals of roller compaction are to improve flowability and increase the bulk density of powders. The originally poor flowability or low bulk density can hinder an industrially applicable tableting process.

On our GMP compatible roller compactor we can study the compaction process of different materials, especially in pilot plant scale (from ~100 g). In case of one of our main research areas, amorphous solid dispersions, roller compaction can gain large interest. In amorphous solid dispersions water can act as a plasticizer, which is decreasing the glass transition temperature of the dispersion. Thereby, when contacting with water or high humidity there is a higher probability that the amorphous drug will be converted to crystalline state. Therefore, roller compaction can mean an engaging solution for formulation scientists.

We are very enthusiastic about roller compaction of amorphous solid dispersions and other materials. There is also a proper analytical background that is needed for successful research and development. We would like to encourage you if you have any question about roller compaction.

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