Melt blowing

When it comes to producing fibers, no other fiber formation technique can conquer melt blowing due to its simplicity, excellent productivity and solvent-free operation. During melt blowing a polymer melt is extruded through small nozzles surrounded by high speed blowing gas. In other words, melt blowing is a special type of extruder die to produce fine fibers. While the diameter of electrospun fibers can even deviate around a few hundred nanometers, melt blown fibers have at least a few microns of thickness and submicronic melt-blown fabrics are rarely produced. However, selecting the right factor levels and applying some modifications in the equipment of melt blowing can yield acceptable nanofibers. With the nano melt-blown technique not only drug delivery systems with fast release rates are achievable but high value reinforced composites and filtration materials can be also produced.

A GMP compatible pharmaceutical melt blowing configuration is under development, further details are available upon request.

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